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Few rules :
-> The house and the community room are non-smoking. Please go to the back (balcony) or in the garden if you want to smoke .
-> You have some indications behind your door in your room as well as wifi code etc.
-> Please after 10pm, do not talk in the central area/kitchen as others may sleep.. go in the community room!
-> We try hard to keep the spaces clean and acceptable. We encourage you to help us doing so.
-> Please talk to us if we can do something for your convenience. There is most of time someone around to listen to you. If nobody is home, either text us (sms to 418 271 6271) or email us (
-> You can use the house phone ( Central Hall, number 581-701-4380 ) to call us or us calling you
-> Do not go to the places listed “private” please

The basic rules are : maintain respect and friendship, keep clean, do not use the kitchen and the main floor bathroom after 10 pm.
Kitchen : the common kitchen on the main floor is for everyone. You can identify your spaces by the name of your room in the refrigerator and in the compartments. The marked compartments “common” are also for everyone.
Coffee, tea, etc : if you wish a coffee, a tea, a hot chocolate or cereal, don’t hesitate and use the compartment where marked « Coffee, Tea, Sugar etc.. »in the kitchen. You will also find there other things such as food ingredients, glasses and household products… follow the marks.
Bathrooms : we have two common bathrooms: one on the main floor in the entrance hall and one in the basement left after the washer/dryer location. Concerning the bathroom in the basement, please take the door tleft just by going out of the kitchen towards the backyard balcony.
Washing : we have a washer and a dryer for your clothes. They are in the basement. From the main floor, please take the door to the left just after the kitchen towards the backyard balcony.
Lounge : There is a community room (relaxation) behind the house (backyard).
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