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With the vision of a world united by its differences, the International House has set itself the mission of establishing:

    • A warm and friendly welcoming place to facilitate the accommodation of people from here or elsewhere, from around the world, who seek a temporaryplace for a short period of time (1 day to 6 months): rooms for individuals or groups, common kitchen, bathrooms, outdoor common areas etc …
    • A set of activities to promote the exchange and sharing between residents and / or visitors: cooking, dancing, games, guitar, movies, barbecue, fire camp etc.
    • A collection of needed objects for rental, so to help acclimate quickly its customers: Bicycles, navigation devices, appliances etc.
    • A workshop fordesign and production ofsimple objects useful for a quick installation: table, chair, beds, wardrobe …

An international team consisting mainly of travelers ensures the proper functioning of this multicultural living space, whose owner ensures the day-to-day management.

Visit the Place or contact us for more details.


Emile Kamdem … S’MileK’onnects … SmileKonnects is the founder and owner of the International House and its concept, which he refines as he goes along. The intention in the name SmileKonnects that is derived as indicated was then to create a Place where SMILE is the language that unites/connects the visitors, where the human is at the centre and the sharing determines his main action with those around from him.

Having lived in Africa, Europe, Latin America, visited Asia and now living in North America, Emile mainly develops his passion for supporting cultural diversity while exercising a management job in a Quebec technology company.

Thanks to his many travels, he speaks English, French, German and Spanish, a bit of Portuguese and his hobbies include: dance (ref link dance), travelling, organizing/ participating in – intercultural activities, and sport (fitness, Krav Maga).

According to him, we live a century of mobility: Backpack, Couchsurfing, Airbnb, Facebook etc. Therefore more and more people are travelling for several reasons: discovery, family get-togethers, studies, profession, etc. These people require structures that will allow them to acclimate quickly in their new environment. He made the personal experience himself from the age of 19: Go to new countries and make it your home.

He says that this journey has not always been easy: It was necessary to adapt, to adapt and to adopt again, to be accepted, to have a place, his place. However, the journey has been rich in experiences, of all kinds, and he came out with the question: If the place where we now just become home, the time of our stay, what would it take?

His answer: First a peaceful roof where to live without any hassle, then certainly a social network to avoid loneliness, then leisure activities to occupy free time, and necessarily advice, tips to find one’s way… and finally, Fun!

This is the fundamental spirit of the SmileKonnects International House, from which Émile is now inspired to set up a global exchange network … to be followed.

You can view his linkedIn profile here and his dancer profile here.



The International House is a place that is essentially animated and maintained by travellers who bring their multiple experiences to the service of the place and its visitors. They form a team with the owner and, during their stay, they ensure the conviviality of the place, the orientation of the visiting customers, the update of the social media and – to a certain extent – the resolution of spontaneous and unforeseen cases. They are there temporarily, and the owner ensures full annual coverage.

To this date, you have in this album those who have shaped this living place.

You can directly contact this staff through this channel.


Often related to as a “Spanish hostel”, the International House is essentially composed of private rooms – including 3 rooms for short-stay use of 28 days and less – and common areas:

    • In private rooms, guests have all their privacy whether travelling alone or in a group. The House has a collection of rooms that can accommodate up to 2 people, 3 people, 4 people, 6 people as needed. Each room represents a city of the world to mark the global inclusion … and it is the residents of a room who make their own beds. Here a representation of the rooms
    • In common areas, customers or others meet and interact in different ways. Following areas are available: A large fully equipped common kitchen, the common living room, the large garden with patio (planned), the large backyard room, the various balconies, the bbq / fire corner, the computer corner and a large party/dance room in the basement (planned).

To complete the offer, you will find on site: Washer / Dryer, Wifi, Telephone Canada / USA, Iron, Parking. A shuttle service is also available to the airport or nearby train stations. Contact us directly for this.

The intention remains to have a harmonious atmosphere of exchange and sharing where people participate as they please, and with pleasure.

If you are looking for services around the International House (Restaurants, Pharmacy, Supermarkets, Medicines etc. ..), they are summarized here.

You can also book directly here or contact us for this or any other question.

Do not hesitate to visit our FAQ or leave us a feedback.



Québec, a UNESCO World Heritage treasure, is walkable and safe.

Besides that, it’s practically impossible to choose just one word to describe the city: As the undisputed capital of the Francophonie on the American continent, Quebec offers a veritable mix of past and present, cleverly fusing its historical roots, its architectural gems, and its vibrant nightlife scene.

With so many things to see and do, there’s one clear question that springs to mind when visiting the La Vieille Capitale: where to start?

Here’s a great list of our selection of some of the straight up high-lights of one of Canada’s finest towns.


In this section, we share the various experiences (resources, testimonials, tips, etc.) of people who went through different paths during their stay in Quebec City.

The intention of these stories is to inspire readers and guide them, with the goal of:

    • Quickly understand their new environment,
    • Understand the salient cultural features that dominate this Part of the World,
    • Fight against the loneliness,
    • Feel at home here

You can read them here.




The International House is a living environment: We meet, we share, we build together, we cook together, we laugh, we have fun etc.

Please find followings here

You will be able to feel the climate we have in this house, and who knows, maybe you will be among us next time!

Your comments or suggestions are always appreciated!


We have collected here a series of questions and answers on the usual questions that people have asked themselves before, during or after their stay with us.

However, if you do not find an adequate answer to your questions, contact us and we will be able to answer you directly.




The International House is above all a place of sharing.

Therefore, we have several types of events that we open to both our customers and the public.

These events are of several categories: cooking specific meals from a country, sharing a meal, collective games, movie viewing, karaoke, guitar, dance, house parties, sports training session, making simple furniture, barbecue, language exchange, travel presentation etc.

Check out our events for the cultural diversity and join them whenever you want. You are always welcome to be with us! … And if you are specifically looking for events related to dance, visit our dance page.

Contact us to suggest other events of the same nature or to organize events at the International House because it’s YOUR house too!


If you want to book with us, this calendar will highlight the availability of rooms that are for rental.

But do not forget that it’s only an indication. Contact us directly without hesitation. We will certainly find a way to accommodate you because we mostly have a Plan B.

Check out our calendar.

You can book here or by contacting us.




The International House collects payments in various ways: cash, credit card, PayPal.

If you have to remotely pay us for a service or to pay us without our knowledge, we favour payment by Paypal because of its simplicity.

You do not absolutely need to have a PayPal account to pay by this means, and credit cards are allowed. : Everything is simple and direct.

Go here for the payment.


You are:

  • Looking for a temporary place to spend your next days in Quebec City ?
  • Looking for a place to make friends and tame loneliness ?
  • Interested in bringing some of your travel experience to the service of the International House ?
  • Looking for an ideal setting to organize an intercultural event ?
  • In search of a large space favorable to the reception of a group of 20 persons and less ?
  • In search of various DIY activities (painting, construction of furniture, decorations …) ?
  • In search of a place to practice your dance etc ?

Contact us 24/7 via the channel of your choice: Email / Messenger / WhatsApp / Instagram




Your comments, suggestions, ideas and others interest us, because we would like to make the International House a reference in international cohabitation.

We do not pretend to be a place of luxury, and we accept and manage diversity in all its splendour. With the number of cases that we are constantly dealing with, we understand that because of their differences in requirements and habits, our visitors are all an invaluable wealth to make this place a friendly place … an intercultural village.

Thank you for taking a few minutes and completing this survey to help us improve things in this way.

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